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You guys have all picked up the new Sparks Nevada and Beyond Belief issue #0 comic books now, right?

Just checking.

Bought it for a plane ride. Made the flight so much better!!!

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Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: The Unrequited Love of the Saloon Doors

One of my favorite returning gags during the Sparks Nevada segment of The Thrilling Adventure Hour would have to be the unrequited love of the Saloon Doors A.I. felt toward Croach. It was so tragic with some of the most memorable jokes and sincerely sad moments. As such, I knew that creating a proper image of the A.I. would require the inclusion of Croach and create the look of the space saloon. I loved how third turned out, especially because it allowed me to update my favorite blue Martian’s design at the same time.


"By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged."
Love this movie.

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TAH Cast + Leverage

Hal Lublin as The Hacker

Annie Savage as The Grifter

Mark Gagliardi as The Thief

Oh! This is awesome! I want to see a TAH Oceans 11 style casting asap!

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This film is required viewing for any Halloween movie watching list. #NightmareBeforeChristmas

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Heavy…. heavy,


… There’s a very important conversation to be had there.

If this is being brought up shouldn’t we also addressing the age of the politicians in places of power tho?


to be honest, some days, i am just waiting for previous generations to die off so we can get to cleaning up the fucking mess they dumped on us younger folk

Sean Lock speaking some heavy truth.

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Thrilling Adventure Hour: Release the Hals

For today’s fan art submission I decided to try something a little different.  What is a Thrilling Adventure Hour segment without a good opening that explains the premise. For that job, we look no further then Hal Lublin. From left to right we have Heroic Hal, Newsreel Hal, Folksy Hal, and Spooky Hal. I used photographs online of Hal in various poses to get each face, and for my first attempt at caricature I think it turned out pretty good. Enjoy! ^_^


Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: Felton Lagravenese

It’s all about the clothing with this entry. I wanted to experiment with plaid coloring for future characters and figured it would look best on Felton’s shirt. Incarnations of Felton have many variations in design, size, expression, and behavior. I for one like to envision a Felton that is a bit more fit (all the better to run fast to the Marshal Station). I also love the fuzzy caterpillar story and adored the joke finding its way into the crossover with Night Vale. I’ve been on a roll the last few days but I will be taking a break soon to go away for a while. Hope everyone likes it. ^_^


Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: Her Majesty Queen Victoria

My goodness, after taking a few days off to do some personal work and prepare for some upcoming events I have had a flood of ideas for TAH designs come crashing into my mind. Just as I was finishing up Nightmares last night this image popped into my head, but I decided rest was more important at that moment. Like Tick-Tock, Her Maj is decked out in oodles of regal decor. I attempted to include legs to make her taller but they just did not work and her stature I feel works to give off that royal pomp.


Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: Nightmares The Clown and a Re-Design for Sadie

Today felt like a two fan art kind of day so I decided to complete two revisions I was working on. Nightmares was designed early in my human figure phase, thus the lack of hands. However, when I decided to re-work his colors I found that he works best with his hands behind his back. This also gave me the chance to work on Sadie’s style. I realized much too late that Sadie’s original dress and hair were a bit unorganized and lacked her elegance. I have learned much since then and have reworked my knowledge into her new design. Hope you all enjoy.


Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: Pemily Stallwark

Well, today has been a very interesting day for the fandom, full of so many emotions. I took Marc Evan Jackson’s suggestion to heart and after a bit of work I am happy to announce that I will be attending my first Largo show on March 7th (the apparent 10th anniversary show so that will be awesome).

Today’s art choice I decided to challenge myself to expand my knowledge of joints. From knees to elbows, I knew that Marshal Stallwark would be the perfect candidate for this experiment. I ended up using images of soccer players in action and still as my inspiration to get her design just right. I now have a list compiled of all characters from the Wiki, but again if you have a requested character feel free to message me or respond to this post and I will put your suggestion at the top of my list.



Double scoop, details later………….

*Instant soundtrack begins to play in my mind moment*

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Updates on my flapper designs…two more to go!

Super cool!

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Another underrated animated horror classic. ‘ParaNorman’ has a cool visual style, interesting story, and a lot of heart. It’s only on Netflix until the 18th (because they hate this time of year apparently) so if you have the chance to see please do so.


A rather underrated Monster Musical from a burgeoning French animation studio. ‘A Monster in Paris’ is definitely worth a watch if you can find it.